Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My body hurt today. A lot. Phil has caught me a couple times wincing while I sit, shifting, massaging my legs. I startled myself today because I realized that it has become regular. Not just an every few days thing, but an every day thing. Is it just habit? Is it my posture? Is it not stretching? Is it the chairs? I was startled because I thought of Amber. I saw her in my actions and it made me panic. Number one I know I am one of the worst hypochondriac panickers. Ask my mom and sister. I think they laugh at me with my ailments. Despite that.. you can't blame me for wondering with our family's issues.. Anyway.. I will say that the stretching and rubbing has helped by back muscles. I can actually feel my lower spine now.. before it was so pulled forward (like towards my stomach because my hips were tilted in by my bad sitting posture over all these years) that I couldnt feel the lower spine near my sacrum. it was hidden under tightened muscles.. Despite that my circulation hates our desks, my hips still hate my classroom posture and four hours is too much to handle. Either way.. i don't see myself going to the doc for it because no matter how much I hurt.. I don't think it is more serious than just being a lazy unhealthy eater.. and despite that my mom and sister will always hurt more..


samimi-extremie said...

i bet i beat you at being a bigger hypocondriac (however the hell you spell it). so i feel you, phil, i feel you.

Sarah said...

Hi it could just be posture or the unnatural feat of sitting for 4 hrs!! It is something to take note of though, try keeping a calendar of what hurts and when.

Yeah,I snicker sometimes,because (well hell)I don't want you to walk in my shoes... it hurts too much. My philosophy is just ignore it and it's not so bad!! Pretend you don't hurt and you can almost convince yourself!!!

I love you, baby girl

Heres a big momma hug and kiss