Sunday, March 09, 2008


My fingers are covered in glue.. which makes typing sort of odd.. As many of the dormmates know I have been on a creation kick. I find that when I am stressed out I have the need to be creative and make fun things like little pipe cleaner friends or something as intricate as tonight..

For our TSA class we are writing and explaining poems we are writing about "where we are from". SO it gave me a great idea. I have missed making popups since the Fox and the Rooster extravaganza so I went to michaels and stocked up. Fun paper of all sorts, this really cool paper cutter thing.. and all sorts of pens. I have made my first "scene" and i am about to get to the hard part of the second scene. Aka my layout is cut, backdrops set, I just need to add in the "popped" parts. Unfortunately this scene includes people.. which I am horrible at. But maybe this book will help my skills and such. coming soon

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