Friday, March 14, 2008

So at about 1:30am I check my email.. I got an email from Veronica, the girl I give a ride to ASL.. and I realize.. OH CRAP today was thursday.. and I never went to class.. aka I didn't give her a ride either. So I emailed Ina.. I missed a freakin test. So who even knows if I will pass the class now. Dangit. Good thing it isn't going to stop me from graduating.. I really wanted to be there though.. bummer.

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Sarah said...

HI there P, I miss you so much! We had two new babies on the farm last nite so it was a late one, between the twins and class etc. I am working and having lunch with your grandpa today. Grandma is thinking of selling the farm in the next year or so. I would miss it but really NEED to be in the city. I home you have your head back on track and are have a great relaxing weekend. Love you Momma