Saturday, March 22, 2008


Have you ever heard the term C-E-Os? Well it means Christmas and Easter Onlys. Aka people that only go to church for those specific holiday. I have realized this week that I am really the opposite. For some reason I loathe going to "church" on Christmas and Easter. There is something about the fakeness of the majority of people that come- and the daggers from the eyes of those that have been going all year.. I don't know. I guess to me going to church on christmas and easter is my reminder how so many "so-called christians" "lukewarm live-ers" there are in a church, my church, our church, their church. It makes the meaning of xmas and easter wanting more. So I usually skip church. I am thinking that this year I am going to start a new tradition for myself.. although I haven't yet decided what it is. I really want to be in nature. Maybe climb to an overlook, a peak, a place to see the city and ponder how many souls he sacrificed for in just this view alone. I don't know but I know that (outside of still being too nervous to go to church due to the awkwardness of josh and I) I don't want to go to Agape, or any other church this week. I do however want chocolate.

Weird note: as I sit here my vision is doing something weird. there is a section of my vision that is all watery.. like when you laugh so hard you spit or spill on the tv and it distorts the image. This has happened a view times and I really hate it. I don't know if it is just something because i just woke up, or my contacts, whatever.. weird!


Daniel said...

You should just come to our Easter potluck... in Texas.

RheLynn said...

I hope you find somewhere peaceful (it looks like you did) to have your Easter reflection. My grandfather was, until the last few years of his life, very much the 'worship where you stand everyday' type, because God is listening, everywhere.