Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am from:

Block parties and barbecues

Forts in the woods, lava tag

Coast guard Carnival, and freshwater beaches.

Sage, Tarot and my dreams mean everything.

I am from divorces, and almost remarriages.

4 moves in three years, 19 overall.

I am perpetually packing for tomorrow.

I am from:

New brothers and sisters, a family through faith.

Worship with your every pore and musical beach-night bonfires

I am from “Could I be a leader?” to “Of course you can.”

I am Philippians’ starry skies and Jeremiah’s uncovered plans.

I am from the great “I AM”, his hands, and plans despite life’s spite.

I am from:

Car accidents, cancer, death and most of all deliverance.

Funerals, tragedy, tears and hugs.

I am from amber's steroid treatments, mom's ever present pneumonia.

Coughing phone calls, and transparent “I’m fines” and “It will be ok’s”

I am from the Lord’s fortress; my Rock and security.

I am from blurring lines and escaping the pain,

Scapegoats and denial, anger, inaction and rebellion.

Yet I am from the place where my Rock never moved.

I am from:

Lifting my eyes up and moving forward.

Applications and acceptance, Lonestar love and longhorns pride.

Moving boxes, potluck roommates, and ultimate Frisbee.

I am from a cappella every day, máte in the morning, and Candombe.

I am from brown dirty faces, and clambering hands, barbed wire playgrounds

Cardboard walls, and “no the showers aren’t heated, its 110 today”.

I am from lead by action, not by words, and serving at the feet.

I am from:

Hope despite.

I am from looking inward and loving outward.

I am from family is more than blood,

It is hoping together in the light, while still in the dark.

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