Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I have been in class all day. I made it to my room finally and all I want is a nap. but I can't. because gradschool's foot is up my arse with work to do. I spent all of last night reading and I still felt so unprepared for classes today. I don't have class (except ASL) until friday, but I have two heavy classes that I haven't started working for yet. and tomorrow is chock full of group meetings, RPP info session, ASL and death. Yes its true.


Here's to making up a two page paper about deaf culture because I don't have anything to talk about these days.

I agree with layli that today was a melancholy but not depressing day. I like rainy days too. There is something calming about the fact that nature can mimic my mood... sad, but joyful. happiness isn't always smiles and sunshine. it can be the nitty gritty. I also love when the sun comes out. I realized today that there is something powerful when you notice how much more you appreciate the sun when it is trying to peek through the clouds rather than a sun in a clear sky. you know? its like you want to struggle alongside the sun.. same goes for the moon. Although clear night skies are some of my favorite times in my life.

MY alltime favorite moment in life:

Running out to the pier at night with friends, watching the moon reflect off the lake as we pier jump into the warm summer lake. Running in wet jeans back to the church where we change into pjs and watch movies all night on the big screen downstairs. Great times.

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