Thursday, March 27, 2008

Things I need:

Apartment in GH preferably downtown, 1br 350/mo, accepts pets.

Summer Job: Barnes and Noble is fine, but i need hours. A management position at Jumpin Java or somewhere downtown would be perfection

InternshipS: LEDA hasn't called me yet, Russ and I need to hammer out some things.

Summer to get here-someone to do all my projects, and a big hug.

Guitar Lessons, someone to sing harmony with, and some free time.

Things I want:

My dad's interview in China to go swimmingly- he deserves it.

Frisbee to start

Me not to be nervous about saturday and possibly seeing Josh for the first time since that crazy ass weekend.

Youth group to heal itself before I get there.

LEDA to call me. I want to work with them.

Phil to move to MI with me (I fear it is just words) and for Daniel to visit us.

The Mexico trip to happen.

1 comment:

Daniel said...

I'll do my best to make the last 2 happen.