Friday, March 21, 2008

Let the good times roll..

Last night was beer olympics at the Railroad in Keene.. but apparently its every week so it wasn't as busy as Kiera, Katy, Liz and I thought. It was actually pretty low key night, which is good cuz this morning I am realizing that the work I have to do for my afternoon class is more than I thought. We had a really good night. Played a few games of pool, which Katy and Kiera lost because TWICE Katy knocked in the eight ball riiiight at the end. It was awesome. There was only one game of beer pong, and we ALLL sucked so we stopped cuz the ball kept flying everywhere. We had some fun aka bursting dollar bottle budlight from us in laughter convos.. We saw and yucked up our favorite bartenders. I think that might be our favorite part is that all of the bartenders are pretty amazing. We threw a bunch of music on the jukebox and had our own mini dance party.. the sucky part was that we only got through 8 of our 12 songs because they had to turn it off at last call. The other weird part was that around that same time people started getting weird.. I said blame the full moon on the first day of spring. Weirdos. There were near fights but nothing spectacular. I think a baby's momma kicked out a baby's daddy.. which was intriguing. I cheered on the mavs- which was dangerous because they were playing the celtics and my arse would have been kicked back to sunday if the barfolks knew it. I got a call from Daniel- making me jealous of his being Ultimate.. that is what you said right? I couldn't hear you but I'll listen to the message today :p sorry I had to go so suddenly, my turn was up in pool. Kiera sang ALLLLL the words to Shoop and Whattaman.. There was an accident on the highway on the way home because where keene got noo snow, brat got like 2 inches. We had to slam the brakes and almost ended up in a ditch ourselves... meanwhile RunDMC and Snoop were playing loudly from my sneakers as we jammed out oldschool. hahaha. Didn't look like there were injuries and we were all grateful for that. Last night I was like maybe I WILL go out again this weekend.. but I decided no... I need a weekend in, to chill and read my book. and oh wait.. STUDY.

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