Saturday, March 08, 2008

A good week. No seriously.

So this week was an odd mixture of good things and lots of stressful reading. Which is why I am about to leave for Panera and get my reading done EARLY this time cuz doing 5 hours of reading before class starts at 8 the next morning got so old. Anywhosawhatsit. the things that happened that made my week:

Going out dancing last night with everyone:
Salsa. Cici. Katy. good times. Dancing with a guy who had rhythm. Too bad he was a really big pansy, and a bit sketchy. hahah.All of you know I don't often dance "with" guys. My two exceptions are salsa and guys who can actually dance. He was good at dancing in general and "leading" partner dancing a bit. I am against the bump and grind. It is just gross.

Finding LEDA online:
I found an organization online that I want to work with. They are the Diversity Alliance that is in charge of diversity day at GHHS which is funny because I always thought that was so inneffective. It was too easy to block it out, get hostile, etc. Despite my experiences with the org I want to work with them, at the very least volunteering, at the most interning or working there as part of my RPP. Who knows? Maybe I can be a part of diversity day next year :)

Phil is moving to Michigan to split an apt with me this summer.

People are amazing and I did end up having a great birthday.

I got my resume finished and sendable.

My classes are going to be awesome.. it is weird we are about to start week three.. i need to get packing!

My Community, and coalition class is going to new orleans the last weekend in May!! Woot!

and many more.

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