Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Austin Miller Band

I was swept out the door last night at approximately 12:50 AM after making a late dinner of Amazingly good Pancakes, French Toast, and my own homemade syrup. I was in a fluster as I heard words flying by about a band, a concert, flyers made a few minutes, and the designated time of 1:45am. With guitars in hand, as well as an orange garbage can, with unique drumming quality, we continued on to the bus stop on Dieciocho. All 30 of us climbed on the already packed bus headed for Ciudad Vieja, still in wonderment. Apparently Jeremy and others decided to make flyers for their very own Miniconcerto in Ciudad Vieja.. The Flyer looked as follows:

The Austin Miller Band

DONDE: Cerca Don Peperone en el circulo
CUANDO: 01:45


So ofcourse we all got there, they were rushing to get to the designated area in order to play at their newly advertised concert. Meaning we.. the girls and Cameron.. attempted to pass out flyers to people while they walked by.

Eventually Cristina and I found a corner to observe the commotion from afar and try.. desperately to be able to point out ONE cute guy. She was unable, as well as I. They try too hard, they smoke, they drink.. and worst of all they Ogle like nobody's business.

Well soon the concert began.. They sang that Limp Bizkit song "Faith" starting with the Uruguay drumbeat.. which made people clap in confusion at why a Candombe group was in Ciudad Vieja. It drew a crowd that sadly but quickly dispersed when the song stopped fourteen times, and then was played a second time but with new words which meant nothing to them anyway.

A few of the fans were pretty funny, one forty year old drunk was convinced he was playing the Grateful Dead, and began singing and playing airguitar wildly behind me. He spoke english, though slurred by the effects of apparently too much alcohol, and I told him to go sing with the band. He replied: "Ohhh.. Naht toonahght honeeyyy... Ahh Donnnt do thaat soortta thang"

A few other english speakers trickled in and started conversations, one guy had lived in Michigan for 5 years, but it was his friend who was talking and not him so the convo ended quickly.

We came home to our quiet house approximately at the hour of 3am. I slept, didnt wake up for church, and am now about to go get hamburguesas and do homework.

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