Sunday, February 13, 2005


I feel like today didn't really exist. I woke up about 11am after sleeping through church. Read my CS Lewis reading on Christian Marriage, went with Haley to the hamburguesa stand and got cornered by martin and jose.. after that its all a blur. the bast 4 hours didn't exist. I was trying to read for art but kept passing out in the process, literally every paragraph. I just took a shower but I feel like a zombie. Oh well, I think i might cook something fun tonight. Not sure what but its so easy to cook here cause NOTHING is instant. Makes me want to.. which is happy.

I realized something about all these crazy marriage happenings as of late.

I feel sane. but I feel like I don't think like normal people.. well.. the majority..

I also realized today how being cranky can increase your faith by forcing you to swallow those mean comments, by smiling when you dont want to bring someone elses day down just cuz yours is, and so forth. ALthough that sort of seems like making something unattractive noble to make myself feel better since Im still cranky. I don't know... Im babbling cuz Im bored now.

I miss home some today..

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