Friday, February 11, 2005


Well last night when we got back from chillin in Ciudad Vieja we came home to a bad weather report for Punta del Este. Apparently we chose a rainworthy weekend. So today we decided to stay in Montevideo. Raquel and Mariela came and cooked lunch for us... sweethearts. And we are going to try and leave tomorrow instead. Today I think we're going to go to the mall. I want to buy a pair of shoes, that is if they have them in my size.. I hope.

I got to talk to my momma last night. I miss her a lot. We got to talk for awhile and she said she's gonna send me my bday present!! WooHoo!! Im excited. I asked for pb and j, a mountain dew and some special items I dare not disclose. heheheh.. You Rock Ma!

We got valentines in the mail yesterday which made me excited. I already know what stephen is getting for VDay..I just have to find the time to make it. I hope you enjoyed todays edition kid!


stephen said...

OH that's dirty!

stephen said...

I'm confused these don't seem to be showing.?!

stephen said...

So do we ever get to see pictures of the place that you live at?