Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I feel like today was a good day. I got a nap, a good lunch, classes went well, I got to talk to stephen last night... a main cool thing that happened today was it was a good spanish day. I feel like I generally undestood and could speak relatively well about what needed to be said. sigghh.. Ilike good days..

Last night we had our first Tango class. It was AWESOME. We spent a lot of it learning how to walk, lead and follow, turn, etc. It was so fun. we learned a lot in one lesson and we have four more left! I am so excited! My favorite part was when we had to dance and the girls had to close their eyes and feel where the guy was leading instead of try to guess or look at feet. That was really neat and felt refreshing to trust someone like that. The only bad part was I didn't bring any heels with me so I could only wear sandals.. It kind of hurt.. I need to go find a cheap pair of heels..

Tonight Cristina, Samanta and I walked around Ciudad Vieja and found a cool part of the shore with neat rocks to climb and stuff. I felt like home with the rocks in GH that we climb to the beach. A little more natural here, with crabs and stuff, but home nonetheless

Man it was good to talk to stephen last night. It felt like the first REAL conversation since Ive been here. Its so hard to have conversations when you can only talk for an alotted time. MSN is a godsend.....

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