Friday, February 11, 2005

Ummm strange

Well, we just got back from going to see Closer which is a horrible movie I would NEVER recommend to anyone I had the slightest respect for, and yet I still kind of liked it.. Should be rated NC17... but otherwise once you wade throughALLLLLLL the sex its a good movie.. sort of..

Once we got back I walked into a house full of chaos. A few of the guys were getting dressed, in dresses upstairs.. one with Mimi like makeup on, while girls were changing into guys clothes. Apparently spoons/truth or dare got a little crazy...

Interesting group we have here.. thats for sure..

I miss stephen a little tonight.. Im overwhelmed..

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Brooke said...

I miss you!! Check your email...I sent a brief narrative of Whitney's engagement, since you couldn't be hear to hear it from her. Exciting times here in Abilene. Hope Uruguay is just as exciting.