Thursday, February 24, 2005

A Day at CasaACU

I woke up today very tired. last night Ali was in my room as we were trying to do our spanish homework (up in the heavens in my bunk bed). After about three falls, a spilled coffee mug, a room smelling of butt and caffeine we called it quits with little work accomplished. Class was long this morning, but the bizcochos and coffee made me smile and I aced my quiz. After my morning nap ... ahhhh.... I woke up to our sauna of a room despite two fans and an open window. Ugh its like 95 degrees out.. Devo was good, we sang some songs in spanish.. fun times... and lunch was FANTASTIC as usual..... empanadas, rice and veggies, FANTA, and the beautiful faces of Raquel y Mariela. Sweet sweet women. I am sitting here procrastinating against my homework with a newly cleaned room, a shorter list of to-do's and a guitar playing worship songs in the background. What about this day makes me lazy? All of it... Warm, music, relaxed, at peace. After the horrible week I made for myself (due to emotional overload and procrastination of homework and "things to do") I am finally at rest. God is Good. We leave for Buenos Aires tomorrow morning. I am happy about that. Next week Alex and I go to Mendoza for the weekend while everyone goes to Paraguay.. I am glad we are taking an individual trip. I need a break from the group outings.. some silence and relaxation. Should be fun.

Siiiiggggghhhhh... Homework time.


sbchill said...

Where are you going next week?? Let me know..!! Love Mom

Phyllistene said...

This weekend we go to Buenos Aires, Next week Alex and I are going to Mendoza Argentina.