Wednesday, February 02, 2005


So we started our Pensamiento Literature class at the Universidad Catolica yesterday and today. It is an all spanish course on Latin American Literature. We are reading a lot of Quiroga and Marquez, doing presentations... in spanish, a 2000 word paper... in spanish, and all sorts of other crazy difficult things. It is going to be a huge challenge, but we are all pretty up to it. When she first started talking I was oh so very confused becuase she was like speed talking, but once we kind of told her how much spanish we knew she slowed a bit, and we were able to get through the class with little to no difficulty. Last night we had to read a short story called A la deriva.. or "adrift.. by quiroga and it took a cumulative or 2 1/2 hours to get it done, even when it was all 6 of us doing it together.. plus we had to write a short story in spanish for class today. I hope we wont have to read it outloud..

I have a TON of humanities reading to do, lots of homework for Spanish Convo. and no time to do it in. Whoever said semester abroad was easier academically was ON CRACK!!! This is going to be BY FAR my most difficult semester.. even after last semester kicking my butt. plus we have trips and culture events and a country to explore. ARG.. oh well.. I know I have already learned SOO much and it will be totally worth it in the end if I just stick to my guns and get it done.

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