Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mix and Match

I feel like writing centered today.
I went shopping today
Bought some freakin awesome heels for Tangoing.
I look HOT. And TALL.
My mother is stubborn.
I love her dearly.
I talked to stephen last night.
Until like 3am.
I just got into a conversation with the group about big rich churches
expanding their church, buying awesome stereo systems, etc.
I got riled up and ranted a little about how that is
dumb in my eyes. Im sure the poor man
down the street thinks the
look fantastic.
So do the hamburgers
that the construction men were
eating on the roof while building it. Oh well.
Maybe someday that man will get to go in the church
and get to taste and see how good the Lord was to the church
building. I bet his daughter will love the shiny cars
and the bathroom with marble sinks. I am
such a punk about this kind of
stuff sometimes. I
blame stephen
for always being in
agreement about this subject.
I agree that sometimes big churches have
the right ideals. Prestonroad in Dallas for example I
believe has their heads screwed on straight. I am all
for more and more people coming to church, to Christ. I am not
all about churches taking that as they found the "key to evangelism".
Maybe I am cynical of hearts in a community where people may not know the
person two pews away. Maybe I need to be open to God being able to
do amazing things with generous and united congregations. But
maybe American churches need to rethink their values
and how they go about putting those into practical
ministries. Maybe I need to start walkin the
walk along with all this talk. Maybe
I am getting sick of this
centered zig
zag crap.


stephen said...


stephen said...

And I'm not too sure that I should be blamed for this idea.

Julie said...

poetic. i like it.

sbchill said...


Love MOM

sbchill said...

By the way I did go to the Doc yesterday, some kidney issues but its under control..dont worry!!

Love Mom

Phyllistene said...

1. I know Im cute. :P
2. Yes you should be blamed.
3. only for you julie
4. Stubborn as a mule.. so am I.
5. Immense relief you went to the doc. thanks for letting me know. i love you tons.