Thursday, February 03, 2005


Today was a good day, I got to spanish Convo a little earlier than the others and succeeded in a conversation with our teacher. I felt relatively proud that I didnt cop out of questions. She is such a sweet heart. We talked about Yemanja and Christianity a little. Interesting conversation. After class Cristinita and I went walking around to go find a place called INJU an organization that gives away student discount cards.. we couldnt find it but we did tour the University de Uruguay a little and it was an awesome building. There are buildings throughout the city but the main one is downtown on dieciocho de julio... After that we went to a Santeria shop for our class. It sells all the candles incense and statues for spiritism, and yemanja.

Later we went to go see the Murgas downtown at Playa Ramirez in Parque Rodo. It was awesome! First they had a group that had four singers in front and then an amazing dance troup. Beautiful costumes and every tuype of dance from meringue to salsa to hip hop to modern to all sorts of stuff. It was cool. Then after that... the first Murga started. It is basically a singing group of about 20 people in crazy costumes.. singing and doing like skits and stuff. I didnt understand much of it but it was still hysterical. Their dancing was pretty frantic and it was awesome.

Now some of us came back to the house for helado and chillin time. Im exhauseted and we'll prolly chill with a movie. Itll be my first chance to just chiince we got here.

I am also sad to say I got a virus on my computer. Joy from Barnes and Noble often sends me through IM and email pics and funny things. SO today when I recieved three sent things through IM i downloaded one. I stopped cuz I had to go to class and later found out I had downloaded a virus that continued to send the "pics" to all my friends on my buddy list. Many assuming it was me sending something opened them to get the virus.. SORRY GUYS. I hope things end up ok. My anti virus stuff didnt get rid of it. I uninstalled and reinstalled MSN and so far it looks to be ok. I am scanning with symantec now to see if anything is left. I hope not. But i bet so.

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stephen said...

Silly girl!

Enjoy your movie!

Watch out for Bret he's finally learned how to use the names of the comments to see other people's blogs. YOU COULD BE NEXT!