Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Irazu, where have you been all my life?

So Im feeling a hundred times better than before... I went with Lucas and Daniel to Irazu a coffee shop in Ciudad Vieja that is AMAZING. I pigged out on sandwhiches two lattes and amazing cheesecake.. we all shared stuff.. the apple pie was REALLY good too.. and all incredibly cheap..

Now Im chillin online after finishing homework chillin with a caffeine buzz to some DMB and talking to RM phil online.. Everyone in the house is relatively quiet other than the stupid boys above us who cant stop stomping jumping and rocking their beds.. arg..!!!! thats right alex and andy! WE HEAR YOU!!!!!

I am excited for Punta del Este this weekend. I already need another break.

I miss brooke.. a lot. and shyle, and lyd, and russ and bryant and my mommy and dad, and berz a lot.. and drew... and mitch.. and RM.. and Erin... and my cats... and peanut butter.

Vday will be lonely on monday.. sad. oh well. we're havin a party..

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