Monday, February 14, 2005

I hate Valentines Day

Ever since a stupid boy decided to break up with me on this very special day, my hatred for it has increased year by year. Last year was quite possibly the closest I have had to a "good" valentines day and that was only because my back home boys called to say hello. Well that and a DTR.
I always seem to have high hopes for Valentines Day, that is until the loom of death arrives at approximately 12:01 when I realize I am probably wrong about these high hopes. It is nothing against my special someone.. whomever that might be.. in this case my loved stephen. Its just that I ruin the blasted holiday for myself. I think of the most romantic and virtually impossible things that could be done and am disappointed when something perfectly romantic occurs yet doesn't meet my highest hopes. I am an idiot.. that or just female. Its not for lack of trying not to do these things. I spent much time last night trying to downplay Valentines day. Talking to my roommate about it didnt help much. She just kept saying things like I was thinking but didn't want to admit. I just told her.. "There is NO way he is coming to Uruguay.. dont even think about it.. I would kill him.. not happening". Among other retorts.
The other part about this years Valentines day is that I am in another country. This is probably the first year I could be excited about it. Stephen is fantastic, I am a happy camper, dating a man who is beyond incredible. And yet I ruin it by leaving the country.. perhaps fleeing the country is a better description though I vouch that I did NOT plan to miss all the fun stuff.
Well, now here I am. This morning the boys did an awful but sweet vday serenade at the god awful hour of 7am. Thanks boys you are too kind!! The girls also received roses from someone anonymous and they smell beautiful and look it as well. Tonight we have a Vday bash. Cristina and I were up til about midnight baking cookies. I made my grandmas recipe from scratch and memory. They turned out well though the texture is strange due to the Uruguayan ingredients.
I plan to make this day worth smiling about. I hope it works.


stephen said...

Now who on earth gave you a DTR on Valentine

Julie said...

phyllis~ i can commiserate with your "high hopes" issue! people in my classes (all girls, of course, because i'm an english major) were like, "maybe your boyfriend will propose today!" naturally i know this is not the case, so there's no possibility for disappointment. still...when 10 girls are squealing because they are absolutely convinced it will happen on valentine's day...well, you know. the end of my rambling. i miss you, and today was perfect ultimate weather, and i know you would miss it.