Saturday, February 05, 2005


Yesterday was a lot of fun.. a LONG day. Lucas and I went shopping after and amazing lunch by Raqul.. Fajitas with homemade tortillas and Ice Cream.. mmm... Got some pants, a shirt, a belt. My first official purchases for me other than like toiletries and food. Felt good. Found some cool stores at the mall, and some cool shoes but NOONE has them in Lucas or I's size.. which is REALLY annoying. Im gonna go lookng on Dieciocho today for them... All I can do is hope.. heeheh

after that we went to the park for some Ultimate Frisbee.. A Lot of fun allthough the field SUCKED cuz it was actually a hill with glass bottles and bumps all over. Despite that it was a lot of fun. After THAT.. we all got ready to go out to the Candombe parade. We left about 10 and got there to HUGE crowds and no way to get to the street to see. So we ended up gettin shoved a bit. Some of us joined the people hanging from the robbery bars on windows to look over the crowd. We met a cute lady who had a newborn a four yr old and a 6 yr old. Cameron and Jeremy put the girls on their shoulders and we tried to get to the front of the crowd without crushing the baby. SHe was a younger lady, and that baby I swear was like 4 wks old. And so cute. It was intereting... staring at backs got old pretty quick so I just talked to the lady and the girls some. Overall it was pretty cool.. but I wouldnt go again without gettins seats early. to actually SEE it.

After that we went to the club. We got in FREE this time and it was a blast. The girl that sang before the dance music was AWESOme.. she sang a lot of english covers including "yesterday" which was interesting. Then the music came on. A lot of latin music and then like techno. A lot of crazy people who tried to hit on us but we just gave Jeremy and Cameron the eye and they would come dance with us to ward off any creepy people. Our heroes. Theyre so funny. Our big protectors. We got home about 4:30 and I only now woke up (2:30 pm... ahhhh..)

Lots of homework and chillin out to do today so Ill be off. Feel free to call today .. Ill be around the house for most of the day and night.

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