Sunday, February 27, 2005

LONG weekend

So we went to Buenos Aires this weekend. It was a good weekend.. We got to see a lot of the city. Friday night we went to a Tango show with a tango band and proffessional dancers. That was fun and had GREAT food. Saturday we saw Evitas Tomb or whatever which was intersting and went to a feria and the Fine Arts museum. At the feria I found this AMAZING artist that makes beautiful paintings of tango dancers and music stuff.. I WILL buy from him. He gave me his card so I am going to order something from him. Dad you would LOVE the art down here. it is amazing. I will post the link to his site later.. After ALLLL of that we all got dressed up pretty and went to the Teatro Colon(Coolest old theatre! like 5 floors of balconies.. awesome!) downtown on 9 de Mayo (Widest street in the world like 20 lanes or so.. not that they care about the lanes when they drive.. scary).. and saw the Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires. It was a lot of fun.. although my shoes KILLED. I ran/limped back to the hotel and changed into more comfy stuff before meeting everyone around the corner at dinner. Its nice having our hotels in the center of town EVERY TIME.. go macaROANIE..
We went to the zoo too.. that was kind of depressing, dirty, and well tiring.
After that Alex and I raced to the bus terminal dragging poor ali and chery with us.. ran in searched for places that sold bus tickets to mendoza and purchased in a rush tickets for this week (fourty bucks! How cheap!). Its like a nice double decker charter with dinner, bfast, and snacks.. plus a movie and its overnight.. Im pumped for this week now! All we have to do is get the hostel and the Buquebus lined up and it will all be set! Good thing we have two full days to do it!hahah
It always comes together! It just does!

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