Monday, February 07, 2005

Mis Aguilas estan perdidos.

Watched the game with the crew last night and had a blast. Cristina made cookies and brownies.. of which we frosted with massive amounts of Dulcedeleche (caramel type syrup). Plus we bought tons of pizza... chips, soda. We had the projector playing the game on the wall in the TV room. Despite having spanish commentators and fuzzy reception the night was rather homelike. Which I think we all savored a little. Saw some pretty cool stuff.. which didn't include the commercials because we didn't get them on our Fox Sports VIVO channel.. dang.

Earlier yesterday we made our first home cooked meal of Mac and Cheese plus Hotdogs and lots of steamed veggies. Best mac and cheese ever, it was so much better than kraft... I mean wow.

Today and tomorrow is Carnaval holidays so EVERYthing is closed including the Catholic Universtiy so we wont have Pensamiento. Thats exciting.

We do however have all our other classes.. yuck.

I have to do the devo tomorrow morning and I haven't thought about it much yet. I will have to pull something out tonight.. Shouldn't be too hard. Ive done enough in my life to get er done.

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