Sunday, February 27, 2005

Not Twenty "Something".. just twenty.

Well my birthday is this week.. It is on thursday.. I am kind of nervous to be 20. There is something sad about losing the "Teen" title and being in your twenties (and yet it feels GREAAAT). Even though Im not sure 20 counts as twenties yet.. i dont know.. its like being 12.. you want to be a teen so bad but your just not there yet. I feel like 20 is the step to twenties.. like 20s with training wheels. I don't know.. hmmm... strange to think ive been around for two decades, 3 presidents (5 terms), lots of bad music, and most importantly have survived and learned from bombings, crashes, wars,wrecks, sicknesses, relationships, and the God of my life.

Life is something so strange.. who knew at 19 years and 361 days I would be sitting in Montevideo, Uruguay reeling from a long weekend in Buenos Aires, Argentina, putting off homework for a class in a university that would forever impact my faith and life. Who knew I would be in a relationship with the most handsome man ever (:P), have fantastic friends, and be enthralled by a God who knows this is what I was created for. Despite my few years I feel I have lived through a lot thus far.. and despite the hard HARD times, I would never trade a second of it for a "sunshine and daisies" type o life. I am nervous for twenty, but I am excited for another 10 years of Amazing, another few decades of His grace, and a couple more generations of "Perseverence brings Character"... cuz wow.. it is always worth it. Always. He is always worth it.

PS. I miss stephen a little today. I thought of our date at the zoo today and the giraffe that has to make out with the cement overpass all day. What a strange zoo Abilene has.


Erin said...

OMgoodness, i did not know that your birthday was this week. Punk you should have told me sooner. Cause i want to go shopping and NOW I HAVE A REASON. Well i was going to go shopping for you anyways but now i can add a little something since it's your b-day. Of course since i didn't know until now it won't be there in time. so here's the deal, what do you miss from the US? Of course it needs to be something reasonable that i can ship you, sorry i can stuff stephen in a box and mail him to you, although if i could that would be my gift to you haha, sorry stephen i take that from you. I'm glad to hear that you're having the time of your life there, which is what you should be doing. I can't wait till we get to hang out again, haha laugh over absolutely nothing but each others FACES haha ok sorry. Get back to me on that, and if you can't think of anything you know i always like shopping for clothes so you can give me your sizes. Miss ya tons. - Erin

stephen said...

Wow I don't think anyone has ever offered to kidnap me before. I'm not sure how to react to that.

Needless to say I will be looking over my shoulder for the next few days.