Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Softest Nearness

I decided to write a song today:

The Softest Nearness by Phyllis Chill

Sometimes I wonder about you
I wonder how you know my heart is broken,
Sometimes I fall into your arms
and rest like I never have before
and Today My heart is in a million places.
But mostly its home with you Lord.

I could sing your song.. I could sing of your light.
And yet the darkness is where I find you near.
In these times when my heart is aching,
I find you.You wait. You are softest here.
And here I am again with you Lord.

Most say that everything I pray
Should be for the best and the most I could get
But all that I want from you
Is love and strength and to feel you again

I could sing your song today.
While my heart it is every place
I learn of the depth of you, it never ends.
And here I am with you, never alone..

How difficult to comprehend the majesty of You.

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