Sunday, February 06, 2005

Superbowl Sunday... Apparently

So its sunday morning, I just got back from church.. at which I zoned out of the spanish sermon and into my bible.. Read some interesting things in Ezekiel. Never read that book before. Strange and out of context... Read my next psalm for the week .. Psalm 7. Its like honey.. Read a lil bit o John, a lil Isaiah, a lil Jeremiah, a lil Job. Felt good to putz around. I feel like I have read more of my bible in the past few weeks when I zone out of the sermons than I have.. ever. Feels refreshing.

Stephen called last night. Kind of a frustrating phone call.. I think you would agree stephen.. Lots of distractions on both ends, phone fuzziness, and then our card ran out mid conversation. It was good to talk for a few minutes but possibly more frustrating than not talking at all. Its becoming clearer how difficult it is to talk when we aren't just secluded in rooms or something. Although the emails this week have helped a lot..

I havent talked to my bro or sis YET since I have gotten here. I kinda feel bad and don't know how to get a hold of them. The easiest way is email but Ive gotten zero replies.. hmmm.

I am more tired today than normal. I think its all catching up with me. Sad.

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