Thursday, February 17, 2005

Jamesy Poo

In our devo we were reading from first james about temptations and such and my eyes wandered up the page to the beginning of James one...

"Consider in pure joy my brothers whenever you face trials of many kinds.. etc.... The brother in humble circumstances ought to take pride in his high position.... "

.... why dont people talk about these more often.. is it because we aren't in those positions.... is it because we feel like we are "blessed enough not to have to face trials". I face trials every day, some easy some hard. I can usually, post trial, take joyin it but I struggle with the different kinds of trials I face. It seems like people see trials as things like temptations, mourning, injuries, divorces, being poor, or otherwise.

I struggle with having money more than when I don't have it. I struggle with not feeling like I have enough courage to go talk to someone. I struggle with wanting to see you before seeing my family. I hate that to some those are petty, and maybe they are, but they are still struggles that I need to take PURE JOY in because they are shaping who I am as a person, and hopefully closer to Christ.

I think people ignore the verse about people in humble positions taking pride in it, because we are not in "humble" positions.. what do we do? be frustrated in our positions? Its something to think about. How can we have conversations with people about being excited not only when we overcome obstacles.. which is great, but also the struggle, the wrestle and as Phillipians put it the "working out in fear and trembling" of a faith that may have a good base, but poor structure. Anyway.. this is all rambling but its something I have been thinking about today... comments? questions?

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stephen said...

It Ultimately says that suffering DOES have meaning!

Christ shows this in the cross. An event not so that we can never go through such an event ourselves, but so that we would follow him in doing it.

Suffering is something that the early church found GREAT meaning in, because it meant Go dhad choosen them to be like Christ. This emphasis Western culture lacks, fo rus suffering has no meaning that's way things like fasting seem asinine to us.

Suffering is a language Christians need to know. Of all the religions in the world Christianity is the only one that I know that finds meaning and GOD in them!