Sunday, February 20, 2005

Punta Del Este

Well us girls finally got our weekend. We went to Punta for Friday and Saturday and had a blast.

We chilled out in town, checked in to our semi crappy but central Hostel, and went to the beach. Cristina Samanta and I went on a citi tour all over the town and got to see some cool stuff including CasaPueblo which I have pics on webshots of. Its this artist guys house. We were there for the sunset and they had a recording of a poem playing about the sunset that coincided with the setting and it was awesome. Beautiful.

We met a really cool guy from South Carolina that has been travelling for months in S.A. Hes gonna be in Montevideo this week so we're gonna show him around town.

Saturday we were at the beach all day and had a great time relaxing then headed to get some pizza and waste time before our bus got there at 11:30pm.

Great weekend, great girl time, girl talk and a chance to get to know each other even better.


Carter said...

Hey Daughter, I am now a blogger

stephen said...

Is anyone else scared to have this many chills blogging at once?

Jared Cramer said...

Hey, I went to high school with Steve Schallert. Yep, I graduated from Grand Haven High School, class of 2000. I acted in all the plays while I was there and also sang in choir and ensemble. So, we've probably met in Michigan too. :-)

Phyllistene said...

Craziness.... Dad Im glad you arrived in style!

Stephen, watch what you say... you should desire to stay on his good I correct on that?

Jared.. just sent ya an email.. good to meet ya!

sbchill said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! I'll talk to you tonight..Love Mom